Hosted by Electrical Contractor Magazine, the Product Presentation Theater is the place to learn about new solutions you can put to immediate use in your business. These short 18-minute talks will highlight new products and services that will make your company more efficient, more effective and more profitable.  Be sure to include these presentations in your schedule.

Located on the NECA Show floor in booth 1618


12:30pm - 12:48pm         Wireless Condition Monitoring:  How Remote Online Monitoring Provides for Motor Troubleshooting

Whether you are to establish preventive or condition-based practices or simply maximize uptime, you can now do it with an easy to use wireless system.  The Fluke Connect® system offers a full solution from Bluetooth enabled test tools to portable condition monitoring that sends data to user-friendly software interface.  You can view equipment data and make informed decisions from anywhere, anytime.  Attendees who want to improve asset operational health, either electrical or mechanical, will find value in this talk.  Presented by Fluke

1:00pm - 1:18pm              Why Should I Trust new Approaches to Electrical Management  

Attendees will learn how a constantly-changing or growing physical infrastructure requires the need for simplifying business with solutions that minimize human error. Attendees will also get a closer look at Absence of Voltage Tester technology, including a technical overview into how this solution operates to showcase why AVTs can be trusted. The scope will include some additional detail regarding how AVT meets the requirements of the NFPA 70E section 120.5 step (7) Exception 1 and UL 1436. Discussions will include details on functionality and insight into the VeriSafe.   Presented by Panduit

1:30pm - 1:48pm              How to Use IGM Technology to Pinpoint Problems and Improve Safety   

You know that electrical equipment gets hot before it fails. The naked eye can’t see it, so you rely on test equipment to pinpoint the source of the problem. But FLIR now has a selection of digital multimeters and clamp meters with built-in thermal imaging – we call it IGM™ (Infrared Guided Measurement). IGM visually guides you to hot spots so you can pinpoint the problem and know where to troubleshoot. Join us for this presentation to find out how IGM technology completely changes the game for your work and safety.  Presented by Flir Systems

2:00pm - 2:18pm              PlanGrid Live

PlanGrid is a new breed of construction productivity software used on more than 500,000 projects around the world. We are the first to provide contractors and owners in commercial, heavy civil and residential construction the tools they need to collaborate effectively and collect and manage project information throughout the project’s construction and operations lifespan.

PlanGrid increases team productivity by: streamlining document management and control, providing collaborators with easy access to all project information from any device, and enabling seamless collaboration. This leads to building the most comprehensive record set for the entire construction and operations lifecycle and consistently delivering on time and on budget.  Presented by PlanGrid

2:30pm - 2:48pm              Caddy Prefab Solutions

Learn about the advantages & program solving solutions of Prefab assemblies for all system types.  Presented by nVent - Caddy

3:00pm - 3:18pm              The Discovery that could Save Electrical Contractors

Based on a comprehensive survey that was completed, in which over 1,300 Electrical Contractors were surveyed within the $5-100 million revenue range across North America, we were able to uncover the challenges that they face when it comes to growth & what they have done to overcome these challenges.  This presentation will examine the results of the survey which provides Electrical Contractors with insights into common obstacles the industry is likely to face, as well as actions to be more proactive & avoid these issues before they arise.  We will also discuss proven & impactful solutions to help your electrical business to continue to grow.   Presented by Jonas Construction Software

3:30pm - 3:48pm              Positioning Your Business & Yourself for Explosive Growth

Patriot Aluminum and Stainless Steel products are available worldwide and at virtually every nationwide electrical distributor.  Three-time of Inc Magazine's Fastest Growing Companies in America Award, Patriot Industries was positioned for explosive growth from the very beginning.  From a scratch start-up, created by Tom & Sarah Click in 2010, Founder Tom Click will take you through Patriot's journey and highlight the key and sometimes surprising aspects of the company which established an essential foundation for growth.  Presented by Patriot Industries

MONDAY, OCTOBER 1, 2018                      

12:30pm - 12:48pm         nVent ERICO Cadwell: Fact or Fiction

Overview of proper installation practices for nVent ERICO Cadwell and Cadwell Plus where we separate myth from reality.  
Presented by nVent - ERICO
1:00pm - 1:18pm              Contingency Planning - Preparing Facilities & Facility Owners for Utility Interruptions

With the increased dependence upon electronics in people's lives more and more situations have arisen where emergency power standby systems are needed in facilities where they were not needed in the past.  This presentation will discuss preparations for sizing emergency power needs and building pre-planned connections for the back-up power generation.  We will also discuss NFPA 110 - Standard for Emergency and Standby Power Systems and where it is applicable in new and existing facilities.  Standards in the temporary power industry will be presented to show the importance of planning final electrical tie-ins and space necessary for temporary equipment.  Presented by Sunbelt Rentals

1:30pm - 1:48pm              Estimating and Design Build in the CLOUD

 McCormick Systems has been providing estimating software to contractors since 1979.   With the latest addition of our CLOUD estimating product line, in conjunction with our Design Estimating Pro, contractors have a dramatic new way to perform estimating, digital takeoff, design build and project management from anywhere, anytime!  Come see how McCormick can increase your estimating and design speed, ease of use, accessibility and profitability.    Presented by McCormick Systems, Inc 

2:00pm - 2:18pm              Empowering Electrical Contractors to Grow with Wireless Controls

Today’s electrical contractors have enormous growth opportunities in lighting and controls, but they face challenges with a tightening labor market, faster job timelines, vague project specifications, and an increasing expectation of expertise on todays’ building systems, from energy codes to smart buildings.  This presentation will demonstrate how contractors can install projects faster, hit the estimates even with vague project details, and get more jobs done with the team you have.  The simplicity of wireless controls will allow you to grow your business and position your company to take advantage of the trends from energy codes to smart buildings and set your firm up for the future growth.   Presented by Lutron Electronics

2:30pm - 2:48pm              Creating Productive, Connected Outdoor Spaces with Access to Safe Reliable Power

An explosion of technology is changing the ways people work and use space.  Educational campuses, commercial offices, amusement parks, sporting venues, retail environments that use outdoor mobile kiosks and hospitality facilities have a need for safe, convenient and reliable access to power outdoors.  What are some key requirements that must be considered when specifying and installing electrical products outdoors?  Have products been evaluated and listed to applicable standards?  What are the latest codes and regulations governing the installation of these products?  Understanding the standards and codes governing outdoor power products will help ensure a safe and reliable experience as the requirements for power in the outdoor space used for work, education, hospitality and sporting events continues to expand. Presented by Legrand

3:00pm - 3:18pm              Gaining a Competitive Advantage Through Bonding

While surety bonds have been historically used on public work, lenders are now frequently requiring them of general contractors, which means that major subcontractors are also being asked for bonds.  Join us to learn about the bond process and review what every contrcator should know before providing a surety bond.  Among the topics and questions that will be answered;  

-What are the different bond types and forms? 
-When and where are bonds required? 
-How do you establish a working relationship with a surety agent and a company that you can depend on? 
-What do they Expect? 
What's an indemnity agreement and how does it work?
Presented by Federated Insurance

3:30pm - 3:48pm             3 Ways to Electrify Your Productivity with Mobile Forms, Employee Time Tracking, and Asset Tracking

Learn how to automate your manual processes and eliminate paper forms to optimize your business operations and turbo-charge your productivity. Find out how Service Electric and Controls electrified their business’ productivity in both the field and in the office to achieve a 2019% ROI with WorkMax. Presented by About Time Technologies

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 2, 2018                       

9:30am - 9:48 am             Next Generation Subcontractor Project Management

Are software providers too busy to add your software enhancement requests?  Leran how Kahua allows you to configure existing applications and workflow or create new applications on your own or through and authorized partner.  Stop setting for the limitations of your PM software.  Presented by Kahua

10:00am - 10:18am          How to Reduce Installation & Labor Time

Learn about nVent Hoffman's solutions to reduce installation and labor time to help complete your projects on time.  Featuring Hoffman's award winning angled trough designed to cut installation time by 80% and eliminate the need for costly 90-degree conduit bends. Presented by nVent - Hoffman

10:30am - 10:48am          Build Better Workflows by Integrating with Construction Top Platform

We must invest in technology to support our future workforce, but that technology cannot live in a silo.  Leveraging integrations between today's top construction technology solutions can vastly improve field workflows. Information does not have to be trapped within on solution and should be shared amongst project stakeholders in a collaborative manner.  Join us as we discuss how integration with Procore Platform can benefit your team and fellow collaborators’.  Presented by Procore

11:00am - 11:18am          Re-scheduled to Monday, October 1st 3:30 - 3:48pm in the Techtopia Pavilon    Using Wearable & Sensor Technology to Build Safer & Smarter

Combining a proprietary mesh network, wearable and sensor technology, and an intelligent, Cloud-based dashboard, Triax’s Spot-r system provides real-time, data-driven visibility into worker and equipment location, activity, and safety. With actionable insights into where resources are located and how they’re interacting on site, contractors are using Spot-r to streamline processes, improve worker safety and proactively manage projects. This live demonstration will show how Triax’s Spot-r system works and adds value across construction projects, incorporating real-world case studies from leading contractors.  Presented by Triax Technologies

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